• Admiral Varth

    Admiral Varth

    betrayed the Empire, and on the run with the nascent Rebellion
  • Captain Verana

    Captain Verana

    Captain of the Resurgence, a Nebulon-B frigate gone AWOL from the Alderaanian Defense fleet and started a rebellion against the Empire.
  • Cpt. Sirana O'Keefe

    Cpt. Sirana O'Keefe

    Smuggler, captain of the Banshee's Kiss, and former employer of Fuzz. Supports Verana's rebellion where and when she can.
  • Darga the Hutt

    Darga the Hutt

    Humbled by Kith, Darga is now slowly rebuilding his criminal empire, but supplying the nascent rebellion with Tibanna gas.
  • Igren Demos

    Igren Demos

    Former major domo to Darga the Hutt, he has now seized control of Darga's holdings on Cato Nemoidia and established himself as an independent crime lord.
  • Inquisitor Draco

    Inquisitor Draco

    Tall human male, handsome. Always wears a high collared cloak.
  • Jodo and Bast

    Jodo and Bast

    Elite armored bounty hunters, skilled in duel wielding blaster pistols. Former retainers to Darga the Hutt, they are now seeking to collect on the steep bounties posted for Jared, Kith, Fuzz, and Aul...
  • Lianne M'Treath

    Lianne M'Treath

    A core world noble, youngest daughter in a family long involved in scouting the Unknown Regions. Imprisoned with Adm. Varth for conspiracy against the Empire
  • Master Denia

    Master Denia

    aged Jedi Master, still weakened from her many years imprisoned by Darga the Hutt
  • Master Vhiin'Thorla

    Master Vhiin'Thorla

    Crippled Twi'lek Jedi Master
  • Maya


    Rebel agent in training (under Kith's tutelage). Maya was Kith and Jared's first contact with the rebels, and while she is currently Verana's best agent, she still has a lot to learn.
  • Ool Alaya

    Ool Alaya

    Twi'lek former slave to Darga, now assistant to Master Denia.
  • Switch


    Droid crime lord and info-merchant; a friendly contact to Kith, though not a friend.
  • The Agent

    The Agent

    An Imperial agent, highly trained in both personal combat and subterfuge. She nearly led to the destruction of the nascent rebellion, by revealing the location of the Resurgence to the captain of the Intimidator.
  • Unmi Taetrin

    Unmi Taetrin

    Former aide to Chandrillan senator Mon Mothma, has led her cruiser, the Cov'tain III, to join the rebels after the Battle of Cloud City.
  • Voren Killian

    Voren Killian

    Former middle-management at Tagge Corp, and friend to Adm. Varth. Was imprisoned with Varth, captured together discussing information to pass to the rebels.