Captain Verana

Captain of the Resurgence, a Nebulon-B frigate gone AWOL from the Alderaanian Defense fleet and started a rebellion against the Empire.


Captain Verana convinced his crew to leave the Alderaanian Defense Fleet and begin a guerrilla war against the Empire. He has provided a base of operations to the heroes while they try to track down Project Sarlacc, a secret Imperial project that has caused thousands of slaves to lose their lives, and is somehow tied to an Imperial Inquisitor…

After the attack of the Acclamator Star Destroyer Intimidator, his highest immediate priority is finishing repairs to the Resurgence, rebuilding his fighter wings, and finding a safe base of operations. Being on the run, they can’t just go to a standard spacedock, and are dependent on what supplies can be brought in on small smuggling vessels. His crew is courageous and skilled, but repairs can be conducted only so fast with limited supplies, and via crew in evac suits.

Verana has shown a growing respect for the heroes, due to their progress in investigating Project Sarlacc, and in bringing new allies to the fold.

Captain Verana

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