Master Vhiin'Thorla

Crippled Twi'lek Jedi Master


Master Vhiin’Thorla shares little of his past. During the closing days of the Clone Wars, he pursued a fallen Jedi into the Unknown Regions of the galaxy. As he fought the fallen Jedi, they both felt a great wave of death and destruction; when Thorla recovered he found his foe had fled, and he never found her again. But he could not bring himself to return to the galaxy and discover it’s fate… until he felt called by the Force.

He then knew it was time to return.

Re-entering the galaxy, he found the Republic replaced by an Empire, and the Jedi all but extinct. Laying low, he carefully made his way to the Almas academy, the closest Jedi outpost he knew of. There, he began piecing together the fate of the Jedi.

There, he was surprised and defeated by Draco and his apprentice.

Now, on the Resurgence, Vhiin’Thorla refuses to receive cybernetic replacements for his severed hands, though Captain Verana has offered to arrange for skilled surgeons from Alderaan to be smuggled in. “I will place no others in danger.”

He has met Denia, and though they did not know each other long ago, they had heard of each other. The two of them have spent long hours in meditation, trying to reach through the force to find others of their kind who have survived into the Dark Times.

Master Vhiin'Thorla

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