Rebel agent in training (under Kith's tutelage). Maya was Kith and Jared's first contact with the rebels, and while she is currently Verana's best agent, she still has a lot to learn.


Maya had been assigned to contact an agent bringing information from the deep core. However, her cover blown, she had placed a call for help, to which Jared and Kith responded. They assisted her, and helped recover this agent… Imperial Lt. Aul Deemer, attache to Admiral Gilder Varth. Together, they rescued Varth from a secret prison on Felucia.

Later, Maya was captured and imprisoned on the planet Eriadu, where she was investigating Moff Tarkin. She had been transported on this mission by a pilot who the heroes later recognized as an imperial agent negotiation with Darga the Hutt; she escaped with the assistance of one of Tarkin’s slaves, a Mon Calamari named Ackbar, who has since found ways to pass information to the Rebels.

Now, she is training under Kith’s tutelage.


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