The Agent

An Imperial agent, highly trained in both personal combat and subterfuge. She nearly led to the destruction of the nascent rebellion, by revealing the location of the Resurgence to the captain of the Intimidator.


A beautiful and athletic human female, the Agent has encountered the heroes on three occasions.

1) The heroes did not realize her significance yet, but they saw the agent suiting up to pilot Maya on her mission to Eriadu.

2) The heroes recognized the Agent when she arrived in Darga’s palace, to negotiate with the Hutt.

3) They faced her, personally, in Cloud City, as she led the security detail for Lt. Armin Arandis, who was involved somehow in the Empires slaves-and-credits transaction for Tibanna gas from Darga. Only the intervention of Unmi Taetrin’s guards allowed Scarcrow to escape with his life.

The Agent

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