Unmi Taetrin

Former aide to Chandrillan senator Mon Mothma, has led her cruiser, the Cov'tain III, to join the rebels after the Battle of Cloud City.


After aiding the heroes at Cloud City, Unmi and the crew of her corvette, the Cov’tain III, has joined their band of rebels. A few days after the battle, she managed to pirate a signal across the holonet showing full uncut sensor records of the Battle of Cloud City showing the Empire’s attempt to destroy the secret slave ship, and the conditions of the Nazren aboard that vessel.

The Empire responded by de-activating the civilian Holonet.

Now, Unmi is using her knowledge of core-world politics to try to build a support network of suppliers and funding, to grow a full-fledged Rebellion. She worries, though, that the Imperial Security Bureau will trace her activities back to her former employer, Chandrillan Senator Mon Mothma…

Unmi Taetrin

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