Dawn of Defiance

4 - Echoes of the Jedi
Battle in the cave

*4. Echoes of the Jedi

“Outside the Temple”*

Narrated by Scarcrow, based on Jared’s work. Thanks !

I remember when I first saw this temple. It was HUGE. But in ruins. Rocks everywhere, a destroyed spacecraft, and most of all, lots of scary shadows.
When we landed on this blue, glowing planet, I remember telling the others to watch out for giant blue lizards and other such monsters. They didn’t listen to me. So I stayed on the spaceship, looking around with my cannon ready. After a while, I think I saw Tibbit coming out of the shower, wearing only a blanket around his hips. I decided I was having a nightmare. That’s when I saw two glowing, yellow eyes in the middle of the blue plants. I didn’t think, I shot ! Ratatatata ! Never saw the eyes again ! I burst out laughing as I heard my comlink start to buzz.
“-Yhello ?
-What the heck was that ?!?
-Nothing much. C ya !”
Ah, Jared. Always worry too much.
After a few hours, Tibbit came to see me.
“-Thi ithirs ire hiviing pribliiiims ! He said in his funny, high-pitched voice.
-Yeah, I like apples too !”
Tibbit slapped himself and left. Then the ship began to rise, and I realized I MAY I have misunderstood what he said. Probably… Anyways, when we reached the others, guess what they were fighting ? Huh ? GIANT BLUE LIZARDS ! Now they’re gonna listen to me, right ! I started to blast the things with my cannons, but did only minor damage as the shots bounced off the things’ scales. Then every living thing in the area heard a “Piuuuuuuuu” as Tibbit dropped a BOMB ! The huge explosive missile dropped right on one of the lizards and then a huge explosion made my ears ring. I heard Tibbit laughing. It was terrifying. Evil, funny, mad, weird… I can’t describe it.
It sounded like : “Hihihi Boumboum Mouhihihi Pfrouuu Bam Mihihi Garglll Hihiiiii.”
Then it became worse. I was watching the fight, eating some pop-corn. Maja was dodging a lizard’s tongue, Jaren was CAUGHT by a lizard’s tongue, and Fuzz had just decapitated one. As I enjoyed watching, I saw from the corner of my eye Tibbit doing something REALLY weird in the bathroom. And then tons of… fecal matter fell right on top of one of the big lizards. I thought that was really disgusting and useless. Then I understood. As someone shot the lizard, all the gas that came out of the dejections took on fire. I felt cold air running along my sine as The Evil Jawa started laughing The Evil Laugh right besides me.
We landed the ship and Tibbit and I joined the others. Jaren was completely soaked in giant-blue-lizard drool, and Jared had his face burnt by the explosion of Tibbit’s bomb. It was all pretty funny. I finished my pop-corn and set foot on the planet. After a brief talk with some inoffensive, little, furry aliens, with yellow glowing eyes (yellow glowing eyes ? Kinda ring bells… Hmmm…), we got a very annoying droid who used to serve the jedis. Thanks to Jared, we got some vital maps of the temple. We decided that Kith, Maja and Fuzz would guard the ship while Jared, Jaren, Tibbit and I would go exploring.
Exploring Hell.

“The Cave”

Narrated by Jared.

My eyes could barely see the furry back of Fuzz who walked just a few feet ahead of me creating speckles and long shadows with his glowing rod. A menacing silence unfurled after Draco’s voice stopped talking in our heads. The damp odor in this cave did not help to relax my tension. “Why has Scarcrow always to run off?” I asked more myself than anyone else. “His young and impulsive temper will one day be his undoing if he doesn’t become more careful.” I added a bit louder. At least the maddening headaches improved a bit after we had entered the cave.
“This is bad, we have to turn around! Something really bad will happen here! I don’t want to do this!” shouted Yorim way back from near the cave entrance which I couldn’t see anymore. “You know that we can’t just abandon the rest of us. And I have the strong feeling that we have to rescue someone down there.” I yelled back, but I had to admit that my feelings were not foretelling much good either.
Yorim did not reply to this but seemed to reluctantly follow. The rolling underground was very slippery and I needed all my balance to avoid falling. Using my glow rod, I could see deep chasms around the dangerously narrow path and ledges shouldering on our right.
“This is not a good place to be surprised.” I urged towards Fuzz, “We have to find a way to decide where to fight”. Just having said as much, I could hear a buzzing and humming sound getting much louder when it hit a resistance. Scarcrow screamed out in pain somewhere ahead of me. Could it really be? It sounded exactly like Master Denia’s description of a laser sword. I shortly pointed my rod at the bend ahead and switched if off. Tapping through the darkness and passing Fuzz I barely made my way to the place I intended to go. Across a chasm in some distance I could see dancing shadows flickering up and being reflected in a unsettling reddish light. I could not tell who was fighting.
If I could only use the force… Very carefully stretching out my senses I probed into the force expecting searing pain any moment. With a wave of relieve I realized that I was fine this time.
The blast took me totally by surprise. I almost fell down and my focus on my force powers was lost instantly. While I had my mind focused on more distant parts of the cave, Fuzz had walked up to me with his rod brightly on, exposing us to blaster fire from now emerging storm troupers. This couldn’t possibly get worse.
“Put your light out!” I screamed at Fuzz and ran more towards the inner right of the cave. Switching my own rod on I managed to throw it forward on a little ledge where it illuminated some of the scene by not giving my position away. Using the blaster flashes as the only source of light to navigate further I slowly moved more inward and tried to get an idea about what was going on.

From what I could hear Maja, Keith, and Fuzz were now engaging in combat too. Catching my breath against a ledge on my right, I tried to focus my mind on the being that had telepathically called out for help several times before. I was definitely closer than before. Being more attentive than the first time I left part of my awareness in my back, thus noticing Fuzz fighting in melee and finally Yorim approaching with his blaster pistol drawn. Glad, as we could use all the firepower we can get, I was about to turn around when his blaster fire hit me full force in my back.
Totally flat footed I could barely manage to remain conscious. My senses went numb as anger flared up. “B E T R A Y E R ! ! !” I screamed out at him, but he had already turned around and went back the way he came. I could not remember being more angry in my whole life. How can a friend shoot you in the back in a most critical moment? Turning back towards the cave entry I raced after him in a rage that I had not known before. Shortly after I caught up with him. Taking a good aim at him I suddenly realized that my blaster was back at my belt and that I stood in a weird pose with fingertips pointing at Yorim. “Why the hell did you shoot at me, explain yourself!” I managed to utter towards him. His eyes were dark and empty and he did not reply. Something was really wrong here. The realization came with a memory and the faint echo of Denia’s voice:
“Don’t let anger or rage lead you, although the dark side will be very tempting.”
Reaching out with the force I could feel a very powerful and dark presence, nourishing my anger and tempting me to release it in a hateful blast. My fingertips almost crackled with energy. Using all my might, I managed to resist the release taking some deep and long breaths. My heart rate relaxed ever so slightly. Closing my eyes I tried to shield myself form the dark presence as good as I could manage. Yorim’s gaze was still distant and absent. “Fight it, somebody is influencing you!” I said in a conjuring voice. Yorim’s face seemed to change a little but he was obviously in a sort of inner struggle.
“Go away, go away from me, I can not help it!” he suddenly exclaimed in a shrill, high voice. Almost shivering, I turned around with the intention to heed his words and to walk back in direction of Fuzz.
Out of nothing and before I could react to it I was struck by the most terrible and cruel energy blast imaginable. It felt like being electrocuted and beaten to death and then being electrocuted again and again. I could not move. I could not cry. I could not think. And worst of all I could not make it stop. There was an incredibly vast amount of pain overloading and disabling all my senses. I lost consciousness.

It is very dark. I can not move or talk. I see a mutilated and tortured Twi’lek male. His hands have been cut off and he is bleeding from both his head-tails and the stomps. His mouth is moving and his eyes are filled with a strong expression of desperation. There is no sound leaving his lips. It is very dark.

Next I remembered, somebody was touching my torso and injected me with what I hoped to be first aid drugs. Only able to open my eyes I could see Yorim handling a medpack. “What happened to you? - and to me?” he asked in a troubled voice. I allowed the drugs to do their work for some more time and was finally able to speak:

“You were under the influence of the force. It is the horrible doing of that former Jedi Draco, he turned over to the dark side.” I replied in a faint voice.

Feeling that Yorim would lose control any moment again I took my only chance and reached deep to use the force:
“Yorim, go and get the wounded Twi’lek ahead of us, help him!” I commanded, disabling his natural ability to take his own decision. He grabbed the medpack and disappeared into the darkness.
I knew now better than ever that we had to stop that shuttle at every cost. As fast as I could manage I hurried towards the inner cave. I came across some dead storm troupers and also crossed path with Yorim again, who was carrying the wounded man from my vision.
Further in, the sound of fighting was getting louder and louder. Finally close enough to the scene, I could see Keith, Fuzz, and Maja finishing off what seemed to be the last standing trouper in our vicinity.
To my surprise I could make out as well a dripping wet Scarcrow turning on his heels, bouncing off, and disappearing in what looked like an access tunnel. Tibbit was nowhere to be seen.
“What in the heavens is going on?” I asked. Maja had just opened her mouth in order to reply when we could hear Draco’s voice again:
“All men fall back, we leave in 60 seconds”. Without further comment I raced after Scarcrow, with most of our allies following behind.
The tunnel led outside again into an open area. An imperial shuttle was humming loudly with its gangway still open. A storm trouper was carrying another dripping wet man up and inside.
Just before I was able to step out of the tunnel, Tibbit emerged from somewhere near the shuttle and bumped into us. He raced back up the tunnel in wild panic, uttering inaudible shrill words before we could even try to stop him.
Puzzled, I turned back towards the shuttle just to see that they had pulled gangway back in and were almost finished to seal close door.
Paralized for a second, I stared at it when I began to leviate.
STOP IT” I desperately screamed and suddenly everything happened very fast. I managed to slam a boulder into the cockpit while the rest of us fired blaster rounds at the engines. Fuzz uttered a battle cry and wielded his vibro axe. With one of the mightiest swings he ever produced, he managed to slice open one of the engines like an old can of food.
The shuttle struggled for control while it gained more altitude. With a deafening bang, the remaining engine overloaded and failed. The ship dropped like a stone. Luckily we were all able to avoid being hit.
After the dust settled we waited with our weapons drawn. After hearing no signs of life, we carefully started to dig through the debris. The crew was dead and we pulled them out of the fuselage in order to search for gear and information. I found the tool I was looking for, but it was badly damaged. But this was by far not my biggest worry:
After searching the whole wreck again we were sure: There was no sign of Draco.

3 - In the Clouds
1 - The Traitor's Gambit, part 1

opening crawl:

background audio:
the Promenade

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