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Leveling Characters:

Stat boosts

At 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th, and 20th character level (i.e. add levels for all classes), characters can each raise two ability scores by one point each.

Hit Points

I think it’s easiest to just use a fixed progression for hit points.
Character Class Hit Points After 1st Level
Noble, scoundrel 4 + Constitution modifier
Scout 5 + Constitution modifier
Jedi, soldier 7 + Constitution modifier

Base attack bonus per level goes as:

1 per level: Jedi, Soldier
1/1/1 : Noble, Scoundrel, Scout (think of it as floor(3/4*level))

Defenses and skills

Reflex, Will, and Fortitude defenses go up by one. That means your damage threshold goes up, too.
Skills go up by one at even levels.

Force and Destiny points

Force points reset to 5 + half character level (so you should all have 8, unless you have Force Boon)
Destiny points: you gain one destiny point

Retraining (I’m taking this from a post at d20 radio)

At each level you can retrain a single skill, feat, talent, or Force Power. The only restrictions are that the replaced item must be available to the class level that “lost it” (so, if you retrain a noble bonus feat, the new feat must be on the noble bonus feat list; or if you retrain soldier talent, the replacement must also be a soldier talent). You must meet all the prereqs for anything you retrain into, and you can’t lose something that is a prereq for something else you have. Lastly, you can’t retrain a class starting feat. Hrm, I guess this adds an element of keeping track of the level / class where you gained a feat, but that’s just a little note to give each thing.

When you level up, you may change one feat or talent taken at an earlier level if:

  1. it is not a prerequisite for a feat or talent you are keeping, and
  2. it is not a starting feat for your first character class

Feats and Talents

Each odd level of a base character class (Jedi, Noble, Scoundrel, Scout, Soldier), you gain a new talent available to that class. (pdf in email)
Each even level of a base character class, you gain a feat from that class’ list of bonus feats. (I haven’t yet made a prerequisite sorted feat list, but will soonish)
I would still like to keep most feats and talents focused on those from the core rulebook (indicated by CR#). However, if there is some character concept that would really be enabled by a feat or talent in one of the other books, I’m open to convincing :-)
At 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, 18th character levels, you receive a feat (note this is the only way to get some feats like Force Boon, Force Training, Strong in the Force, and Whirlwind Attack, which are not on any class feat list)

Leveling characters

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